Professor Sheila McCormick
Sheila McCormick
Pollen, Plant Fertilization
Adjunct Professor
800 Buchanan St
Albany, California 94710
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Ph.D.  Genetics    University of Missouri-Columbia, 1978
B.S.   Biology    Illinois State University, 1973

We study plant reproduction using biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology, in 3 projects: 1) Pollen tube growth: we characterize signal transduction pathways mediated through pollen-specific receptor kinases; 2) Pollen development and function: we characterize mutations that affect transmission through the male parent; and 3) Gamete biology: we characterize sperm, egg, or embryo sac-expressed genes that may play roles in pollen tube guidance, gamete recognition or fusion.



Molecular Biology of Plant Reproduction
Pollen Tube Growth

Pollen Tubes Growing Through a Tomato StyleWe study pollen-specific receptor kinases and how they perceive and transduce signals for pollen tube growth. We used yeast two hybrid screens to identify potential ligands; these include LAT52 and LeSHY, pollen proteins, and LeSTIG1, a stigma-specific protein. We think that the receptor kinases interact with different ligands during different phases of pollen tube growth. We also used yeast two hybrid screens to identify cytoplasmic partners for these receptor kinases; one partner, called KPP, is a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rops. Rops are small GTPases. Thus our work provides a link from receptor kinases to the Rop-mediated cytoplasmic dynamics that are needed for pollen tube growth.

Pollen tubes (stained with decolorized aniline blue) growing through a tomato style.

Pollen development and function
Gift Wrap Pollen
About 10% of the genes in plants are specifically or selectively expressed in pollen, but the functions of most are not understood. We use Arabidopsis to identify mutants that are defective at a stage of pollen development, or during pollen hydration, pollen tube growth, pollen tube guidance, or fertilization. Usually such mutants have altered transmission through the male parent, but do not affect the female.



The giftwrap pollen mutant has what appears to be ribbons tied in bows inside the pollen grain (stained with decolorized aniline blue).

Gamete Biology
Green Sperm
We are interested in double fertilization, specifically in how the two sperm and their fusion partners, the egg and the central cell, recognize and fuse with each other. To develop tools for this objective, we generated cDNA libraries from maize sperm, eggs, and embryo sacs, sequenced ~20,000 ESTs, then used these datasets as starting points to identify gamete-specific genes. We identified promoter elements that will drive gamete-specific gene expression. We then use Arabidopsis to identify T-DNA insertions in gamete-expressed genes, and test whether there is a phenotype. We have evidence that fertilization fails when some of these genes are disrupted.
Pollen grains whose sperm cells are expressing GFP from a sperm-specific promoter.

Fun Stuff
Flat Stanley helping to Vacuum Pollen From Arabidopsis
Flat Stanley helping to vacuum pollen from Arabidopsis plants

Recent Publications

For pdfs of these and other papers, see the McCormick web site.

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Honors and Awards

Fellow - AAAS - 2011

Fellow - American Society of Plant Biologists - 2011

Luso-American Award for Sabbatical, Lisbon, Portugal, 2003

Judith Pool Award for Mentoring - Northern California Chapter, Assoc.Women in Science - 2002

Fulbright Award for Sabbatical, Lyon, France, 1997